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The Mill on the Floss

We could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it. From The Mill on the Floss

The Mill on the Floss, not only a fascinating study of a character, but also finely turning those characters into wonderful souls, is not a religious novel; however it is greatly concerned about a morality that should function among humans and emulate through love to an affectionate bond with others.

The Mill on the Floss, powerful and moving, set in early 19th century St. Oggs Lincolnshire, England, is considered to be George Eliot's most autobiographical novel and narrates the story of talented, intelligent, imaginative Maggie Tulliver, probably one of the most appealing girl characters of the 19th century literature, and her spoiled, selfish brother, Tom, who were born and raised at Dorlcote Mill on the River Floss.

George Eliot takes us on a wonderful journey, full of passion and conflict, by providing us with her marvelous dialogues and characters and extraordinary narrating, which not only serves our imagination, but also strongly moves our feelings.

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Yazar   : George Eliot


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